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Iran’s Hostile Behavior Is Growing Worse – Yousef al Otaiba (WSJ via Daily Alert)

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Mar. 3, 2017

Iran’s Hostile Behavior Is Growing Worse – Yousef al Otaiba (Wall Street Journal)
When the Iranian nuclear deal took effect more than a year ago, there were high hopes that it would set Tehran on a new course of responsible engagement in world affairs. Instead, Iran’s hostile behavior is only growing worse.
There have been multiple interceptions of illicit Iranian weapons destined for Houthi rebels in Yemen.
On New Year’s Day, Iranian-backed militants in Bahrain organized a prison break of convicted terrorists.
Later in January, Tehran tested a nuclear-capable ballistic missile, at least its 12th violation of a UN Security Council resolution barring such tests.
What exactly does Iran want? Its constitution calls for exporting its Islamic-inspired revolution to the rest of the world.
Its leaders talk of “Greater Persia” – a sphere of influence encompassing much of the Middle East.
And “Death to America” remains a favorite rallying cry in Tehran.
The writer is the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the U.S.

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