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Iranian revolt exposes Obama’s mistakes by L.Todd Wood (Washington Times)

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Aug.2, 2018

President Obama said it couldn’t happen. But it’s happening.

I’m talking about Iran, of course. Protests have spread across the country and have reached critical mass. The regime cannot control them any longer. It seems the mullahs’ days could be numbered. The regime change Mr. Obama thought impossible is very much on the table.

For three days in a row this week, protests were reported across the Iranian countryside, in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Shahin Shahr and Najafabad. In Shiraz, protesters were filmed chanting slogans against the regime, hapless President Hassan Rouhani and Iran’s security forces. In one video obtained from the scene, protesters chanted, “Mullahs must go!” and “Rouhani be ashamed, let go of our country!” Protesters also burned motorbikes of the regime’s thugs.

Although now numbering only in the thousands, the protests are growing, away from the control of the hard-line Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its henchmen.

The currency is collapsing, and ordinary Iranians are coming to realize that the regime has destroyed the economy and mortgaged the future in order to finance military and terrorist adventures across the Middle East and Europe

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