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Intellectual State of Emergency – The Occupied Territories of Progressive Thought, by Jacques Tarnero (Gatestone Inst.)

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Dec. 12, 2015

  • Who are today’s racists?
  • A “March for Dignity” recently assembled outraged “anti-racists,” who shouted insults in the name of universal love.
  • It was in the name of anti-racism that the progressives chanted “death to Jews” at the UN’s Durban conference against racism in 2001.
  • Every week, the Place de la République has seen the roaring processions of the Sheikh Yassin Collective, inciting the hatred of Jews. Did anyone even care?
  • These “progressives” were strangely silent while a quarter of a million people were killed in Syria, while Yazidi women were sold into slavery, or when a new Caliph ordered the massacre of thousands in the name of Allah, or the mutilation and murder of Christians who refused to convert. Is that kind of behavior nothing more than bad taste?
  • Today the new virus of prejudice has two faces: brandishing a knife and trying to appear as innocent as a lamb.
  • The suffering of the Arabs, of the Palestinians and of the suburban youth is real, but will be alleviated only if there is first a critical examination of the delusional views on what is causing it. Neither the Jews nor Israel are at the root of this suffering.

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