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If Israel Were a Normal Country by David Gerstman (The Tower via the Daily Tip)

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Dec. 8, 2017

f Israel were a normal country, having the United States place its embassy in its capital city would not be newsworthy.

If Israel were a normal country, that its negotiating partner regularly threatens violence would stir up outrage.

If Israel were a normal country, the fact that its enemies hijack international organizations in order to deny its history would offend any fair-minded individual.

If Israel were a normal country, everyone would be offended that another country would tell its athletes to throw matches, so they wouldn’t have to face Israeli competitors. People would also be enraged that Israeli athletes could not identify their nation of origin in certain countries. That’s usually an arrangement for a country that violates norms of competition, not a country whose biggest sin is existing.

If Israel were a normal country, its doctors, who have treated thousands of citizens of an enemy country when the rest of the world is allowing hundreds of thousands to die violently, would win the Nobel Peace Prize.

If Israel were a normal country, its critics would recognize that the three times it made territorial concessions for peace — the withdrawal from the major Palestinian West Bank population centers in 1995 was followed by a series of terror attacks in February and March 1996; the 2000 withdrawal from southern Lebanon was followed by the growth of Hezbollah’s strength and arsenal; the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza emboldened Hamas leading to three wars over the next decade — it paid a heavy price.

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