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How Israel Is Responding to the Worldwide Water Shortage – Oren Peleg (LA Jewish Journal via Daily Alert)

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oct. 26, 2018

  • How Israel Is Responding to the Worldwide Water Shortage – Oren Peleg
    In 1937, before they had a state, Jews in Mandatory Palestine had Mekorot, a national water authority. During Israel’s infancy, Mekorot was tasked with diverting water from sources such as the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River in the wetter north to the more barren south.
    Nearly two-thirds of Israel is desert. Rainfall is scarce and devastating droughts are commonplace. If Israelis were to thrive, they’d have to provide water security to a people cornered in one of the most arid strips of land on Earth. Moreover, Israel’s rainfall has been cut in half since 1948, while its population has increased tenfold.
    Israel reuses more than 90% of its water; next in the world is Spain at 20%. Using drip irrigation, Israel made its desert bloom. More recently, it added desalination of the Mediterranean to the mix. By 2014, Israel was able to export water to neighboring Jordan and Palestinian territories. Today, Israeli-developed water technology is being used in more than 100 countries.
    “Sustainable Nation” is a new Israeli documentary that follows three Israeli water-sector innovators who are attempting to bring their expertise to water-starved or water-challenged parts of the world such as South Asia and Africa. Sivan Yaari is CEO of Innovation: Africa, which has brought solar-powered water pumps to hundreds of rural African villages. Eli Cohen is an aquatic farmer trying to bring his revolutionary natural filtration methods to India, where the water supply remains mired in pollution problems. (Los Angeles Jewish Journal)
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