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George Shultz: In a world awash in change, follow the Reagan playbook, interview with David Horovitz (TOI)

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Feb. 21, 2016

Visiting Israel at the wise and weathered age of 95, America’s 1980s secretary of state reaches into history to issue a call for decisive, clearheaded and credible leadership

“…My first visit to Israel was about 50 years ago, and for some reason I was lucky enough to have Teddy Kollek take me around the city. We went to one party after another all over Jerusalem. Then he took me into his office and all of a sudden I realized, he’s teaching me something. He said, My job as mayor of Jerusalem is to make Jerusalem a beautiful picture. But it’s not a painting, where the colors merge. My beautiful picture is a mosaic. He said, You saw all these groups. They’re all different. It isn’t that they’re Jews and Arabs. There are all sorts of different Jewish groups, all sorts of different Arab groups. And my job is to see that they can each express themselves as they want, as long as they do it in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with somebody else’s ability to express themselves. And having them all glad to live under the golden dome of Jerusalem.

Teddy understood he was governing over diversity, and he went about it very skillfully. Sometimes people now… take this guy Maliki, in Iraq. He didn’t have a clue. He had Sunnis, he tried to ignore them; Kurds, he tried to ignore them. He didn’t have any idea (of the need) to govern over diversity.”…

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