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Freedom of Religion – Ireland Bill threatening to Criminalize Fundamental Human Rights (The International Legal Forum)

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Mar. 12, 2019

In recent months the Irish Parliament has been moving forward with the legislation of the Frances Black Bill – a bill meant to criminalize the import, sale, and purchase of goods and services from territories beyond the Green Line. If the bill passes into law these trivial acts, fundamental freedoms, might be sanctioned with up to 5 years imprisonment.
Regardless of the discriminatory nature of the bill, and its inherent infringement of fundamental EU values and treaties, including free trade, it also holds the power to deprive millions of their Freedom of Religion.
Jerusalem, as we all know, is a holy city, sacred to all three monotheistic religions – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and millions of pilgrims make their way every year to Jerusalem, and the religious and historic sites surrounding it, visiting the holy sites mentioned in the scriptures, pray, acquire religious artifacts and souvenirs and enjoy the services offered by local businesses.
We’ve decided to launch a campaign to tackle the Irish bill through this argument. We are attempting to now create a buzz on social media which we can then bring to mainstream media, in the hope that we can create a vast and laud opposition.
This is a video we’ve created to demonstrate the absurdity – please help us share it and gain traction to the issue
 It is important to add that the bill threatens another escalation with regards to Israel and the de-legitimization of Israel in the international arena. It is imperative that we stand together against it.

Video above is 3 min…..Ed.

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