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Cutting Hamas Down to Size – Caroline B. Glick (J. Post via Daily Alert)

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Nov. 16, 2018

  • Cutting Hamas Down to Size – Caroline B. Glick
    Israel does not seek to overthrow the Hamas regime in Gaza. And for good reason. The price of a war to overthrow Hamas would be exorbitant both in terms of the human and monetary cost of war. One option is that Israel pay the price of overthrowing Hamas and then hand Gaza over to the PLO. The PLO, though, is no less hostile than Hamas. Israel has no interest whatsoever in empowering the PLO by giving it Gaza.
    Given the absence of a better alternative to Hamas in Gaza, rather than work to overthrow the terror regime, Israel has focused its efforts on keeping Hamas as weak as possible. Its strategy can be equated to mowing the grass. The purpose of Israel’s operations is to cut Hamas down to size until the next round. A terror regime capable of sending 500 projectiles into Israeli territory in less than 24 hours and destroying a bus with an anti-tank missile is one that has become too powerful. (Jerusalem Post)
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