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Confessions of an ISIS Spy – Michael Weiss (Daily Beast via Daily Alert)

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Nov. 20, 2015

Part 1 – Confessions of an ISIS Spy – Michael Weiss (Daily Beast)

  • A man claiming to be a member of the Islamic State’s security services whom we’ll call Abu Khaled has defected and stepped forward to provide an inside view.
  • Before the fight for the Kurdish town of Kobani last year, the caliphate had an aura of invincibility. But in that battle, which lasted for months, Kurdish paramilitaries backed by U.S. airpower fought well, while ISIS sent thousands to their slaughter. The jihadist army had lost between 4,000 and 5,000 fighters, most of them non-Syrians. “Double this number are wounded and can’t fight anymore,” Abu Khaled told me.
  • Last September, “we had like 3,000 foreign fighters who arrived every day to join ISIS….Now we don’t have even like 50 or 60.” This sudden shortfall has led to a careful rethinking by ISIS high command.
  • “They are trying to make sleeper cells all over the world.” The ISIS leadership has “asked people to stay in their countries and fight there, kill citizens, blow up buildings, whatever they can do. You don’t have to come.”

See also Part 2 – How ISIS Picks Its Suicide Bombers – Michael Weiss (Daily Beast)

  • “When you join ISIS, during the clerical classes, they ask: ‘Who will be a martyr?’ People raise their hands, and they go off to a separate group.” There’s no lack of young men looking for a quick trip to Paradise. “They keep volunteering,” said Abu Khaled.
  • The ISIS leadership is mainly Iraqi, the former henchmen of Saddam Hussein, and if there is a political, as opposed to religious, objective underlying all its activity, it is the restoration of Sunni power in Baghdad.
  • Not all of America’s supposed allies in Syria are what they seem. Some of the people in the Free Syrian Army are secretly working for ISIS.
  • In Syria, the chiefs of the security services branches tend to be Palestinians from Gaza. The provincial governors are foreigners from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq – but not Syrians.

See also Part 3 – Inside ISIS’s Torture Brigades – Michael Weiss (Daily Beast)

  • As with Bashar al-Assad and Saddam Hussein, ISIS is absolutely paranoid about infiltration. Fear must be maintained to keep people from so much as thinking of resistance.

(Click on the title of any part, to see the whole article…Ed.)

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