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Comparison of threat from Jews vs Muslims

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Mar. 16, 2016

In response to a comment on a Washington Post article on the middle east claiming the Jewish people (I think he meant Israelis) are causing the problems in Israel/Palestinian conflict, one guy wrote this response which seems to sum it up:
The world does not need to be worried about the Jewish people. The Jewish people have not been wildly and maniacally stabbing innocent Arabs or trying to run over and murder innocent Israeli Arab citizens with their cars. The Israeli Defence Force does not just out of the blue send missiles into Gaza or anywhere else for that matter. The Jewish people did not kill over 400,000 Muslims in neighboring Syria. The Jewish people did not drive millions of Muslims out of Syria either. The Jewish people did not murder 128 people in Paris, or set off bombs that murdered many innocents in England and Russia. Jews did not sexually assault and rape young non-Muslim girls in Sweden and Germany. Jews do not have suicide bombers, they do not strap bombs onto their children, nor have they been slaughtering innocent people all over Africa. Jews did not murder innocent people in San Bernardino, California, nor did they slaughter over 100 school children in an elementary school in Pakistan. The list of Muslim atrocities goes on and on and on. There are not many Jewish people in the world and most of them, a little over six million, live in a tiny country called Israel. The Muslims control 99.9% of the Middle East. There is 0.1% of the Middle East that the Muslim Arabs can not have and that is Israel, the only democracy and beacon of light in a very troubled region. The reason the 1.5 billion hate Israel and other successful Western countries is that these countries based on Judeo-Christian values make Islam look bad. Islam is the only religion in the world whose founder was both a pedophile and a murderer which is reflected in Muslim conduct and culture. The world does not need to be concerned about a miniscule group know as the Jewish people, but should be very worried about a much larger group of murderous, angry, violent, and horribly oppressive people called the Muslims that lead the world in terrorism and destruction
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