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Comments of foreign journalists who just left Gaza

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From honestreporting.com, Aug. 7, 2014

1. YNet talked to a number of foreign journalists who just left Gaza about their experiences. In YNet’s first report, a correspondent described Hamas’ media manipulation.

First, Hamas determined that the organization’s spokesmen could be interviewed only in the the courtyard of Al-Shifa hospital. As a result, long lines of reporters waiting for an interview were created, and during their wait, they witnessed wounded people who arrived to receive treatment. This created the impression Hamas was seeking to convey: a state of immediate emergency and humanitarian disaster.


Secondly, Hamas has never allowed foreign reporters access to military sites attacked by Israel, whether they are bases, rocket-launching sites or other Hamas targets. The dead and wounded of the organization were not captured on film as well, and hence from a media perspective they didn’t even exist. All this served Hamas’ purpose in creating an impression that all the victims were civilians.


Thirdly, it was clear that Hamas was launching rockets out of populated civilian areas, but the organization demanded that the press photographers not document that, so as to not expose their tactic, nor disclose the location of the launchers.

In a second YNet report (must-read), the European journalists discussed what readers back home were making of it all.

Andersson stressed that those who believe the civilian losses are intentional are by far a minority. However, it is the majority that ultimately cares only about the end result of Israel’s many efforts to protect innocent civilians – a fact that does not encourage positive coverage of Israel’s military actions. Denmark is not alone – Israel is having trouble winning over the public in most of western Europe.

2. Gaza’s Greek Orthodox leader, Archbishop Alexios, told the Christian Broadcasting Network that Hamas fired rockets at Israel from the compound of the ancient Church of St. Porphyrius. Read the dispatch or watch the video.


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