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Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and changing the narrative

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by Doris Strub Epstein

Commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and changing the narrative

“Jews are in the Land of Israel as of right not on sufferance.”

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people….” This is the opening sentence of the historic Balfour Declaration  of 1917 that three years later, became the legal basis  in international law for  the State of Israel.  Intoned solemnly by Geoffrey Clarfield, Executive Director of the Mozuud Freedom Foundation, to the hushed audience at the Isabel Bader Theatre May 18, it was the introduction to an event titled The Balfour Declaration; its Significance for Christian, Muslim, Jew, dedicated to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Declaration and the first public event of Canadians for Balfour100  (CFB100), a new organization that aims to raise public awareness of the facts of Israel’s history and her legal rights.

Goldi Steiner, co founder with the late Salomon Benzimra of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights and Irving Weisdorf, founding President of Mozuud, are co chairs of CFB100 ,whose goal is to obliterate the web of lies and propaganda that demonizes and delegitimizes Israel, and educate the public about the irrefutable rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.  Those rights have their origin in the Balfour Declaration.

In 1922, the  fifty one member countries of the League of Nations unanimously approved of a law calling for a national homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine.  It read;  “Whereas recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.” That law is valid, embedded in international law, to this day.

Professor Salim Mansur, one of the three guest speakers, informed the audience that Britain, the mandatory power for Palestine, gave away the land east of the Jordan River, 76 percent,  for an Arab state that became Jordan.  Thus, Palestine under international law was illegally reduced to all the land west of the Jordan including Judea,  Samaria and Gaza.  Although the Arabs were given 96 percent of the Middle East,  “Instead of embracing the Jews’ return to their ancient land –  Jewish nationalism collided with Arab nationalism and the results were disastrous,” he said.

“There are attempts to deracinalize Jews from Israel and Jerusalem by the Arabs,” broadcaster Ezra Levant said, with their “junk history “. He was referring to the Arab -Palestinian latest foray into falsification – trying to convince the world that the Jewish people never actually lived in the Land and that the Temple never was in Jerusalem.  “The Arab war against Israel goes on and on without end.”

Professor Jordan Peterson whose lectures on freedom of expression have been viewed by millions on Youtube , pointed out that although the geographical area  of Israel is small, its psychological and spiritual significance to the world is huge.  “It is central to all three religions.  Israel and Jerusalem is a microcosm of the human longing for the return to paradise.  All claim rights to the territory.”

In a statement from CFB100:  “The Balfour Declaration was the first step towards the Mandate for Palestine, which established Israel’s land rights west of the Jordan according to international law. Balfour Day is not yet part of the annual cycle of events which both celebrates and affirms Israel’s right to exist. This must change.”

This was the first of many events  that will be planned by CFB100  who intend to change the narrative about Israel  – to explode the myth of “occupation”, to destroy the distortions and falsehoods of the Arab/Palestinian propaganda war  bent on destroying the State of Israel and her people.  This hostile, false narrative guides UN policy.  “There can be no lasting peace without truth,” declared Goldi Steiner.

The Balfour Declaration – Its Significance for Christian, Muslim, Jew, was sponsored by Canadians for Balfour 100, a project of the Speakers Action Group in cooperation with The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow and The Mozuud Freedom Foundation.






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