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Clueless Green Party Chief Elizabeth May Condemns Anti-Semitism–AND Israel (Scaramouche via Elder of Ziyon)

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Aug. 3, 2016

Canada – Ms. May, alas, didn’t get the memo that the Jew-hate of our time gloms onto Israel and its manifold iniquities in much the same way that earlier forms of “the longest hatred” cast aspersions on “the Joooos.” Had she the remotest glimmer of a clue re Israel-hate and how it animates so much of leftist ideology today, she could not and would not have written this (in the National Post):

No it isn’t. What’s “dangerous” is the failure to understand the true nature of Israel-hate.What’s “dangerous” is being a Useful Idiot for the jihad that aims to wipe out the Jewish state for having the temerity to exist on a tiny plot of land in Dar al Islam, the domain of the one true faith. The question to pose, therefore, is not “why can’t we criticize Israel?” but “why are we singling out Israel for criticism?” There is little reason to believe, however, that that’s a question that Ms. May can answer with any genuine awareness, not even if, as she insists, she’s a close personal friend of Irwin Cotler, a Jew (having no awareness, obviously, of how weaselly and insincere that “some of my best friends are Jewish” line comes across).
And that malarkey about being foursquare for “free speech”? By now, we know how that operates in the nosebleed section of leftism wherein the Greenies reside: people have “free speech” up the wazoo– provided they use it to trash Israel. If, however, you want to say something that’s out of step with the strictures of political correctness, best o’ luck speaking up in Green precincts, where you will be shouted down post haste.

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