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Canadian Muslims Unite to Recognize Israel’s Rights to Exist

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Why is it in the interest of Muslims in Canada to recognize Israel’s rights to exist? This was the question posed by a speaker in a seminar in Mississauga a couple days ago arranged by the Canadian Thinkers’ Forum.

Muslim Committee against anti-Semitism under the umbrella of Canadian Thinkers’ Forum put together speakers from Muslim, Christian and Jewish Diaspora in terms of finding the way to convince Islamic nations to recognize Israel’s rights to exist.

The Muslim Committee has a simple answer that none of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and other religious or non-religious people in the Middle East are willing to die except groups like Hamas trained terrorists and suicide bombers.

“In fact, peace in the Middle East is not in the interest of Islamic extremists there. If there would be a peace in the Middle East, they would not have any business there,” said Arshad Mahmood, convener Muslim Committee against anti-Semitism.

Another speaker, Hamid Khan Bashani acknowledges that as Muslim nations would recognize Israel’s rights to exist they would be able to move on. He also delivered his thought that Palestinian state should co-exist with Israel but there should not be a question on legitimacy of the state of Israel.

Munir Pervaiz, a former board member PEN Canada and director Progressive Writers Association of Canada emphasized how to eliminate anti-Semitism within Canadian Islamic circles connected with the denial of Israel’s rights to exist.

The event MC & board member Canadian Thinkers’ Forum, Asma Mahmood, expressed the importance of such efforts by stating that “unfortunately, we Muslims are taught hatred against Jews and Israel but we need to grow now and stop this non-sense.”

Peter Bhatti, President International Christian Voice and the brother of assassinated Pakistan’s minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti said that “It’s the first time I am seeing Muslims’ efforts to recognize Israel’s rights to exist and to fight anti-Semitism. I hope such efforts would grow.”

Mark Vandermass, founder of the Israel Truth Week conference, Anita Bromberg, national director of legal affairs for B’nai Brith Canada, Paul Michaels, Director, Research and Senior Media Relations for the Centre for Israel & Jewish affairs and Len Rudner, Director, Community Relations and Outreach CIJA were also among the speakers. They appreciated Canadian Muslims’ efforts for peace and harmony.

As a founder and director of Canadian Thinkers’ Forum and Muslim Committee against anti-Semitism, I strongly condemn “Coalition against Israeli Apartheid’s” moves in terms of portraying Israel as an apartheid state.

First of all, Israel is not an apartheid state and secondly the coalition’s constant bad and unjust portrait of Israel in Canadian campuses and elsewhere is causing anti-Semitic issues for Jew students and staffers.

Unfortunately, there is already too much anti-Semitism played by a certain group of Islamists in Canada that is vocal and controlling Islamic media outlets full of hatred against Jews particularly.

Our Muslim Committee against AntiSemitism, invites “Coalition against Israeli Apartheid” in a peaceful dialogue in order to understand ground realities of the Middle East issue.

Our forum also welcomes Muslim voices in general and Palestinians’ take on why it is important for Muslims to recognize Israel’s rights to exist.

Tahir Gora is Director Canadian Thinkers’ Forum. Follow him on Twitter: www.twitter.com/TahirGora

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