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Call to Action: Write a letter!

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From Act! for Canada, Dec. 6, 2015

Sharia Law Supporter Omar Alghabra is the new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs

In April 2014, Tahir Gora published a paper that suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami would attempt to run multiple candidates in the 2015 federal election using the Liberal Party of Canada as its political entry point.This is the well-worn path of “political entryism.” Omar Alghabra (MP Mississauga Centre), a Sharia Law Supporter, is the new Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs. On 02 December 2015, Prime Minister Trudeau appointed a series of Members of Parliament to be Parliamentary Secretaries. In the Canadian parliamentary system, this person is officially designated to assist their minister with his or her duties.



Be An Activist and take the time to send an email

to PM Trudeau as well as your Member of Parliament

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:  [email protected]

If you do not know who your MP is, you can find it by going here and entering YOUR postal code:


Sample Email:


I am extremely concerned about the very controversial appointment of Mr. Omar Alghabra to the office of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs making him the second highest ranked official in this department.

Mr. Alghabra’s previous statements and stances do no inspire my confidence. It is a matter of public record that Mr. Alghabra used to run the anti-Israel “Canadian Arab Federation” that falsely claimed that HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH are not terrorist organizations. Mr. Alghabra has condemned CanWest newspapers for labeling them as such. Mr. Alghabra has also made the absurd claim that HAMAS does not want to destroy Israel. And Mr. Alghabra blamed Jewish students at Concordia University for silencing public discussions after mostly Arab Muslim riots there that prevented Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking at its Hall building.

Mr. Alghabra is a threat to all Canadians who want to keep our country as a liberal democracy and free of terror.

Yours sincerely,


Another sample letter:

Dear MP,

I am writing re: the recent appointment of Omar Alghabra to the office of Parliamentary Secretary to the Min. of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Alghabra is the former head of the Canadian Arab Federation, an extremely anti-Israel group that has claimed that both Hamas and Hezbollah are not terrorist organizations. In fact, the Canadian government has labelled both as terrorist organizations.

The Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada (TSEC Network) report that Mr. Alghabra openly favours Sharia law for Ontario. I should not need to point out that under Sharia law a man may have up to four wives, and can divorce any of them at will, while they cannot divorce him. Further, in a Sharia court, a woman’s testimony counts for one half of a man’s. Also, in a divorce dispute, a mother’s rights to custody of the children are much less than provided by Ontario law. And, according to Sharia law, a person may lie (taqqiya) in order to promote the advancement of Islam.

Are these the values that we wish for Ontario?

When he was nominated for the 2006 election, Mr. Alghabra thanked the Islamic Society of N. America (ISNA) for its support. ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood (M.B.) front organization. The M.B.’s stated purpose is to see Sharia spread throughout the world. This is a far more frightening scenario than just allowing Sharia courts for Muslims. This would mean that we would all be subject to Sharia law. Islam is a supremacist religion…its purpose is to have Sharia law instituted world-wide. The implementation of Sharia law for all citizens would mean that Jews and Christians (People of the Book) would have three choices…they could convert to Islam, submit to Islam and live as dhimmis (second-class citizens), paying a special tax (jizya), or be killed. Hindus and Sikhs, being infidels, and homosexuals, would be killed. A dhimmi (ie a non-Muslim in a Muslim, Sharia based society) could not testify in court against a Muslim. The punishment for blasphemy would be death.

This is where we are heading when people like Mr. Alghabra are appointed to important positions in government. Is this what you want for Canada?

I have no problem with the appointment of Muslims who wish to live by Canada’s laws…I have no problem with the appointment of Ismaili Muslims, Sufis, secular Muslims, or those who prefer a democratic society that values human rights to these positions. But a Muslim who wants to turn our society into a Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia has no place in the Canadian government or its institutions.

I sincerely hope that you will reconsider this unfortunate and dangerous appointment.



Please take the time to write a letter, in your own words to your MP and/or the PM

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