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Call to action: Nearly 16,000 Boycott Proponents Pressure Jazz Artists!…sign petition

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Don’t let boycott activists pressuring jazz artists be the ONLY voices they hear!

Nearly 16,000 boycott proponents are telling jazz artists that Israel is using their music to whitewash genocide, apartheid, and the massacring of Palestinian children.

AS YOU READ THIS, cultural boycott proponents targeting musicians scheduled to play at next month’s Red Sea Jazz Festival (February 19-21, 2015) have already amassed nearly 16,000 signatures to a boycott petition making these inflammatory, dangerous, and false accusations. These lies cannot be the only voice that artists hear.

Despite a few notable exceptions, some of which are outlined below, over 300 international artists perform in Israel every year, in part due to the efforts of Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) to educate about the real Israel and expose the boycott campaign’s misinformation. But we couldn’t have done this without the help of supporters like YOU. We need your help now.

We urge you to sign and circulate CCFP’s Anti-Boycott Petition. CCFP is composed of prominent members of the entertainment industry who believe that music and the arts promote peace and oppose the singling out of Israel for a cultural boycott. It is the ONLY organization solely focused on countering the efforts of this vociferous campaign.

Only a concerted and determined effort can prevent repeats of the following:

  • Artists who do not support the boycott, such as Paris-based Salif Keita, have felt forced to cancel because of threats and concerns for their personal safety.
  • Many jazz musicians, such as Cassandra Wilson and the late Gil Scott-Heron, have fallen prey to boycott propaganda and went on to voice support for the boycott campaign. Cancellations for the 2013 Red Sea Jazz Festival included those by Grammy winner and festival headliner Stanley Jordan, Sweden’s Andreas Öberg, and the London-based Portico Quartet. (Read these and other compelling stories by clicking on the photos in the sidebar to the right).
  • Other jazz artists, such as Jacky Terrasson and Erik Truffaz, stood up to boycott intimidation while sharing chilling accounts of what it is like to be targeted by the misleading messages of this relentless campaign.


CCFP’s Anti-Boycott Petition tells artists that you:

Support artistic freedom
Support the open liberal democracy of Israel
Support the power of the arts and music to build bridges

Please take a moment to do each of the following:

With your help, we can ensure that our numbers extend far beyond the boycott campaign’s reach. 


Creative Community for Peace

Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) is an organization of prominent entertainment industry executives who are devoted to building bridges for peace and oppose the singling out of Israel for a cultural boycott. We encourage artists to visit Israel and see for themselves the country’s thriving democracy, its rich culture, and its people’s profound desire for peace.
Support CCFP’s far-reaching
PR campaigns.


We represent a cross section of the creative world– those who create and help create music, film, and television programs–and their fans.

We may not all share the same politics or the same opinion on the best path to peace in the Middle East. But we do agree that singling out Israel, the only democracy in the region, as a target of cultural boycotts while ignoring the now-recognized human rights issues of her neighbors will not further peace.

We understand the power that our music, our films, our television shows, and all arts have. They have the power to build bridges. Foster better understanding. Encourage dialogue. And hopefully lead toward greater mutual acceptance.

If you support the message that the arts can build bridges-please join us in this important mission.

The world might be a better place for it.

Don’t let another jazz performer fall prey to boycott pressure!

Please take a few minutes to make a big difference and help us to DOUBLE our signatories!

SIGN AND CIRCULATE our Anti-Boycott Petition.

Salif Keita
Received threats and felt concerns for his physical safety.

Support CCFP’s far-reaching PR campaigns.

Stanley Jordan
Cancelled headlining performance at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, 2013.

Cassandra Wilson
 “As a human activist I identify with the cultural boycott of Israel.


Jacky Terrason
 His manager, Christophe Deghelt, shared chilling accounts of what it is like for artists who are targeted.

Andreas Oberg
“My intention was only to play music since I believe it [unites] people…but since it seems like a sensitive subject I have made a decision not to play.”

Erik Truffaz
 His manager, Christophe Deghelt, shared chilling accounts of what it is like for artists who are targeted.

Portico Quartet
 Cancelled due to well-funded efforts of boycott proponents.
Copyright © 2013 Creative Community For Peace, All rights reserved.
Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 341069
Los Angeles, CA 90034
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