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Call to action from the Media Action Group

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Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah heats up confrontational atmosphere – Patrick Martin inflammatory in the Globe – other media – set-up reminiscent of al Dura…


Palestinian Media Watch monitors media and other activities within the Palestinian areas to find out the truth  – the Palestinians are stating that the Palestinian teenager was murdered and killed – after the three Israeli boys were buried. The dead Palestinian boy was found in the Jerusalem Forest – the PA has accused Israeli settlers acting out of revenge.

The similarities of the death of this Palestinian teen and of the set-up of the al Dura case cannot be overlooked. In the case of al Dura, the ‘body’ being examined supposedly of al Dura was in fact a different body – in fact, the boy al Dura was never found. But the barrage of media hype to demonize Israel and make it appear that the Israelis did the deed and indoctrinate Palestinian children to be martyrs for Allah continues today so many years later.

In the case of this Arab teenager, the body was charred beyond recognition – a body could have been substituted for the teen and no one would know – as well, it has been the pattern for Palestinian terrorists to attempt kidnappings – over 40 attempts were stopped by the IDF this year – and it has been the strategy of Hamas to ‘stage’ media events…go to www.speakersaction.com and watch the video of Philippe Karsenty where he shows video coverage of many such set-ups by Palestinians for media to demonize Israel….

ALSO, note that the article in today’s Globe and Mail front page by Patrick Martin which uses vocabulary to inflame the situation and make it appear that Israel is responsible  – as well note that the stone throwers are not little children – they are big brutes and as well, the size of the stones are huge… this uprising has been orchestrated and is well planned (the rocks didn’t just happen to be ready)…all of these articles are based on speculation and are meant to arouse the emotions in the reader and inflame the situation in Jerusalem – there is no proof about the body – there is no proof that he was abducted – the story had too many versions – some untruths in all of this – the charred body was probably placed in the Jewish area to attach blame – too many questions – and the rock throwers are well trained in guerrilla warfare – a set-up to redirect attention from the terrible murder of the Israel teens to implicate Israel as the assassin…letters should be brief, factual, polite but strong language and make a point – use YOUR OWN WORDS…please forward me copies of your letters – see the article below by Palestinian Media Watch…

Letters need to be sent to the Globe to challenge this inflammatory article by Patrick Martin


Write to: [email protected]

Similar articles on the front pages of the National Post and Star but less provocative…

National Post http://www2.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=b4bd45c1-3eed-4dd1-ab88-280a72db63de

Write to: [email protected]

Toronto Star http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/07/02/palestinian_teens_slaying_fuels_growing_violence_in_jerusalem.html

Write to: [email protected]

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