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British Girls Raped by Muslim Gangs on “Industrial Scale” by Soeren Kern (Gatestone Inst.)

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Mar. 17, 2015

“Between acts of abuse sometimes stretching over a number of days, the Oxford men ensured girls were guarded so that they could not escape. In addition to being abused in various locations in Oxford, some of the girls were taken to other towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth for the same purpose.” — Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

“I turned up at the police station at 2/3am, blood all over me, soaked through my trousers to the crotch. They dismissed it as me being naughty, a nuisance.” — Victim’s testimony, Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

“I made a complaint about a man who trafficked me from a children’s home. He was arrested, released and trafficked me again.” — Victim’s testimony, Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

“Police wouldn’t tell us addresses so we could go and bring her home.” — Victim’s parent’s testimony, Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

“She was a minor but we were told it wasn’t our business.” — Victim’s parent’s testimony, Oxfordshire Serious Case Review.

The report holds no one responsible or accountable. It blames the failure to act on a “lack of knowledge” and “organizational failings.”

Local authorities across Britain are expending “considerable intellectual effort” into finding reasons not to conduct mandatory public investigations into child sexual abuse out of a fear of “negative publicity.” — The Telegraph.

Under new plans… teachers, social workers, police and elected officials would be required to act on suspicions of child sexual abuse or face up to five years in prison.

“Systemic failures have been condoned with silence, serial bunglers rewarded with promotion and whistle blowers shunned. Why is anything going to change now, after the event(s)?” — Simon Kent, British commentator.

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