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Arabs have rights in Israel

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Arabs have rights in Israel

Letter to the editor, National Post July 18, 2014

Re: … Or Is It?, letter to the editor, July 16. Letter-writer Bernie Smith has penned a well-written letter to the editor, but some of his facts are incorrect. He compares Israel to South African apartheid, which is tantamount to comparing a candle to the sun. He writes that South Africa has abandoned apartheid but Israel has not. He claims that indigenous people have been forced out of their historical homelands. This is incorrect. It never was their homeland and they were not forced out.

If Mr. Smith would take a trip to Israel, he would see Israeli and Arab doctors and nurses working side-by-side. He would see 10 Arabs who are members of the Knesset. He would see Arabs and Israelis on the beaches, in restaurants and serving together on the judiciary. It was an Arab judge who sentenced a president of Israel to serve time in prison. There are 1.5 million Arabs living in Israel, who are in no hurry to leave. Arabs have e qual rights. They enjoy more rights than their brothers in neighbouring Arab countries.

In the territories, 98% of the Arabs are governed by the Palestinian Authority, but they do not have freedom of religion, speech, assembly or other rights.

Rabbi David Spiro, Toronto.

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