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Anti-Semitism: Why does this keep happening?

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July 7, 2017

Received from a friend…source unknown:


So here’s how history works for the Jewish People, in brief:

–        First the Egyptians try enslaving and working them to death to build ego-structures.

–        Then the British exile them from the land, but when the country begins to go down the tubes without Jewish skills and expertise, they ship them back into the country.

–        Then in Spain they decide to eliminate Jews by forced conversion… those who don’t convert after exposure to hideous torture, are slaughtered; of those who do convert, many continue to practice their faith in secret.

–        Russia does its best at its worst by concocting “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” a fake news booklet created by the Tsars to cast suspicion, fear and hate among the Russian people. When that didn’t work out so well (probably because most of Russia was illiterate and couldn’t read their absurd fiction) then they resorted to pogroms to terrorize, rape, murder and force the Jews out of the country.

–        Germany did its very best. No need for description here. Let’s just agree, it was the most horrific, most insidious and evil of all. But I thought it was also the last of the attempts at Jewish genocide, but I was wrong.

–        The Antisemitism of today is the most insidious and evil. Today there is no rounding up, yellow stars, humiliation, camps or physical torture. No, that was so “yesterday.” Now Antisemitism has a new strategy. Just change history! Deny the Jews very existence in history. Deny their homeland. Deny their holy places. Deny their right to exist. Deny Theodore Herzl, Lord Balfour, Winston Churchill, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Mark Twain who all believed in the Jewish State. In fact, deny anyone who believed in the Jewish State, the history of the Jewish People, or for Judeo/Christians, the indisputable most ancient history of the Middle East, (some would say the world) the *Torah (*the first bible.) The Torah has not changed so much as a punctuation mark since it was written down by the first scribe ever, thousands of years ago. Centuries before Islam existed.

–        But here’s the new Antisemitism, and it’s the most horrendous because like the Tsar, the Jew/Israel haters have created a fiction that has been sold worldwide through this new voice called social media. It reaches billions of literate users who may be ignorant of the facts and willing to see yet again, the Jews as the scapegoat for the ages. What is most difficult to bear is that many of those haters themselves ignorant of the facts, are Jews.

–        The list of newly formed organizations who hide their Anti-Semitism/Anti-Zionism behind their “passionate concern for the suffering Palestinians” has more Jews inside their tent than I wish to count. This has never been part of our history. We have survived because we shared the responsibility for our survival. Were there renegades? Of course. As there should be. But joining masses who wish to deny us until we do not exist? No, never before has such a betrayal happened.

–        Today, many Christians have come to acknowledge the rights and need for Jewish/Israel’s survival. For many of them it’s a religious messianic motivation, but for most, it’s simply a matter of justice and conscience.

So while the news media ignores the fact that Jewish history is being ripped from memory, Jewish land being ripped from Israel’s body, we in Canada have to take note that lies are being taught in our own public schools and on college campuses about Israel and the Jews. Only this week the TDSB was challenged to remove a lesson from a grade six history book that claimed that Israel uses child soldiers. To their credit, they agreed to correct it, but how many young fertile minds have already been taught the lie? The big question is always why? Why the Jews? We are not terrorists. We have no wish for a caliphate to rule the world and subjugate and convert everyone.  In fact, Jews are not allowed to proselytize. It’s hard enough for us to be Jews why would we want to urge others to become perpetual scapegoats? There is a Yiddish saying, but I’ll deliver it in English: “It’s hard to be a Jew.” And after reading this little dissertation, maybe those of you who aren’t Jewish, will understand why our forefathers coined that phrase.

I hope more people from all cultures will stand with our People as we stand with so many of them around the world bringing hope and survival skills and materials to those in need regardless of their race, religion or politics. Just ask the Africans who enjoy fresh water because of Israeli ingenuity , the wounded Syrians who are treated by Israeli doctors, the Haitian victims of the worst disaster in recent memory who were saved by Israel’s mobile hospital. I could go on and on. If only the news media were to tell the true story of Israel, our people and their compassion instead of (naively in all likelihood) helping to perpetuate the absurd and ugly image of the Jew/Israeli that is being sold and bought every day.

So that’s how history has been working for my People! I say let’s get back to the truth.

Video re: UNESCO: https://youtu.be/rvGjEgUcQN8


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