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Anti-Semitism in Europe…summaries of (and links to) 4 articles from Daily Alert, Feb. 20, 2015

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Parliamentary Report Said Britain Must Take “Urgent Action” to Address “Disturbing Rise” in Anti-Semitism – Henri Stein

A recent report by the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism said Britain must take urgent action to address a “disturbing rise” in anti-Semitism recorded last year, including providing public funds for security at synagogues, giving better education on the Holocaust, and introducing a clearer definition of the term “anti-Semitism” that would reduce the prominence of hate crimes at public demonstrations against Israel.
Labour MP John Mann, who heads the Inquiry, said, “Anti-Semitism is not just a problem for the Jewish community but for us all. The second All-Party Inquiry report reinforces the obligation of non-Jews, working on a cross-party basis, to take a lead. This approach needs to be emulated on a local level and across Europe.”
According to the Community Security Trust, the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain has reached the highest level ever recorded, with reports of violence, property damage, abuse and threats against members of Britain’s Jewish population more than doubling in 2014, with 1,168 anti-Semitic incidents compared to 535 incidents in 2013. (European Jewish Press)


Anti-Semitism in Europe: Fear of a New Darkness

At memorial rallies for victims of the weekend shootings in Copenhagen, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the prime minister, proclaimed that “an attack on the Jews of Denmark is an attack on Denmark.” Since medieval times, Jews have appealed to sovereigns for protection against violent bigotry. The police can provide physical security, but congregating inside heavily guarded synagogues, schools and community centers is not the same as openly exercising one’s religious identity. (Economist-UK)


The Threat to the Jews of Europe – Melanie Phillips

Europe has been discovering to its horror that once again Jews are being made victims in its midst. The fact that every single UK Jewish communal event has to be guarded is accepted as a fact of life. The fact that there are Jewish schools that look like fortresses and Jewish schoolchildren being taught self-defense to protect themselves against street attack is considered normal.
Jew-hatred is not a prejudice like any other. Jews are the conscience of the world. Those who want to destroy the Jews want to tear out their own heart, as Judaism’s moral codes lie at the very core of Western civilization. Will Europe summon the will to identify, reaffirm and fight to defend the core values it has spent years undermining. The Jews gave it those values. If it fails to protect its Jews, it will have also failed to protect itself. The writer is a columnist for The Times (UK). (Jerusalem Post)


Failing to Confront Violent Anti-Semitism – Rod Liddle

Western European Jews are flooding to Israel because of homicidal Muslim attacks – in France, Denmark, Sweden and here in the UK too.Jihadis are opening fire on synagogues and Jewish shops – not on Israeli embassies, but on ordinary Jews.
Can you imagine the response from the politicians if these sorts of attacks had been committed by white Christians against Muslims? Or indeed by Christians against Jews? And yet when it happens to be Muslims murdering Jews there is no great furore; instead it is swept to one side: simply a case of “extremists” versus “ordinary people.” No, that is not what it is. (Spectator-UK)

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