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Anti-Semitism in Egypt and in the BDS movement (2 articles)

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From dailyalert.org, Apr. 23, 2014


The Sources of Egyptian Anti-Semitism – Samuel Tadros

“Sisi is Jewish and Egypt is now under Zionist occupation.” Thus screamed a September 21, 2013, headline on Rassd, the news outlet created and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. From liberals to Islamists, one of the only ideas that binds Egyptians is anti-Semitism. Why is Egyptian culture so drenched in this toxic ideology?

In the top ranks of the Egyptian army, in its intelligence community, and in the ranks of state servants, the nearly universal belief of the existence of a Jewish conspiracy against the homeland is dangerous and affects perception of reality and hence policy. The writer is a research fellow at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom.(American Interest)
Unmasking Modern Anti-Semitism – Robert Fulford

My own belief is that the BDS people and their fellow travelers are anti-Semites. They do all they can to stigmatize the Jewish state and reduce its ability to defend itself. They know that Israel is surrounded by neighbors who will never recognize its existence, much less sign a treaty developed in a “peace process” quarterbacked by Washington. The Palestinians and the Arab states who claim to support them are not hoping for a more generous Israel or a BDS-approved Israel or an Israel willing to hand over the West Bank. They are working for a day when Israel will be gone forever.

In order to satisfy this generation’s anti-Semites, Israel must meet standards that no other country in the world has ever met or ever will. (National Post-Canada)


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