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Anti-Semitism and Terrorism – How the West Must Fight Both, by Jytte Clausen (Foreign Affairs)

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May 2016

It is a common argument that decrying Zionism is categorically different from anti-Semitism because Zionism—support of a Jewish state—is a political belief system, and Jews need not be “Zionists.” True, but as the row within the Labour Party shows, in practice, the term’s usage is muddled. On Twitter, Khadim Hussain, a Labour councilor from the central city of Bradford, complained that an excessive focus on Anne Frank and “the six million Zionists that were killed by Hitler” had caused people to overlook the deaths of millions of Africans. The councilor not only substituted “Zionists” for “Jews” but also, presumably, intended to suggest that the Holocaust was a lesser crime than slavery. Slavery is a great crime against humanity, but it cannot be used to belittle the gravity of genocide against the Jews. By 1945, most European Jews—two out of every three—had been killed. In the span of four years, six million people, a third of all Jews in world, had been exterminated.

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