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ANALYSIS: How Netanyahu’s Indictment Could Affect the Israeli Election, by Yochanan Visser (Israel Today)

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Mar. 6, 2019

“The reign of King Bibi has gone on long enough,” Bret Stephens, the former editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post and current New York Times columnist wrote in his reaction to the indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

The NYT columnist thinks Netanyahu will experience the same fate as former US President Richard Nixon who was impeached due to his role in the Watergate burglary.

Stephens acknowledged that Netanyahu is “a remarkably effective Prime Minister” who has had “considerable success in foreign policy, economy and defense” but apparently is influenced by the Israeli left which has united with only one goal: to get rid of the successful man they’ve hated from time immemorial.

When I recently interviewed some leftwing activists in Tel Aviv they said the Knesset should adopt a law limiting the terms of an Israeli Prime Minister (PM) to two, just like the President of The United States.

Asked why, they said that this was apparently the only way to force Netanyahu, who has now served four terms as PM, out of office. They conveniently forgot that in the U.S. a President cannot be indicted as long as he is still in office.

That was in February

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