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An Urgent Very Important Petition e-980 as a response to M-103 (from C3RF)…referendum recalls of MPs

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What you will read below may be the most important official Parliamentary Petition you and I can sign, with the power to affect the Trudeau Liberals, and shake their support for M-103. The Heritage Committee hearings, which will be recommending how to implement M-103, are dominated by those who buy into and promote a message banning “Islamophobia”. With this recall referendum petition, we can bypass the Committee, where supporters of free speech aren’t being heard anyway. If we get enough signatures, MPs jobs will be on the line if they go forward with M-103. This is how we citizens can reclaim power and protect freedom of speech. This is how we can protect progressive Muslims, who are the ones that have the most to fear from pro-Islamophobia talk – that expressing fear of Islam is a phobia, racism, or illness, that should not be tolerated in Canada.  This is a Parliamentary E-Motion which carries much more weight than a change.org public petition. Please consider signing it immediately and promote it immediately to every like-minded citizen you know. You must sign before 26 July 2017.

Help make referendum recalls a reality for powerless Canadians who are upset with “Islamophobia” politics being used to threaten and suppress free speech in Canada

An NDP Member of Parliament proposed this– its an official Parliamentary e-petition unlike change.org petitions the politicians can ignore

Its the single best chance we have to go outside the Heritage Committee hearings on M-103 and, with public engagement, cause a real revolutionary upset to the Trudeau machine behind M-103


Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled

  • There is currently no election law at the federal level that allows elected politicians to be removed from parliament; and
  • The Liberal Party of Canada election platform in 2015 was to have electoral reform.
We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembledto pass a bill that allows for recall referendums.

Please mobilize your entire network. Even if no bill is passed as a result, the petition will let the non-listening ruling political class know that people are not happy. 

Please consider signing the petition immediately and promoting it today to every like-minded citizen you know. You must sign before 26 July 2017.

David Nitkin
Founding Member
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