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An Iranian lie unfolds in the Spanish media, by Ben Cohen (JNS)

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July 29, 2019

As the old English proverb has it that there are none so blind as those who will not see; the reason the writer of a controversial journalistic series fell for such a poorly executed hoax is that he had already arrived at his conclusions.

Amid the profusion of commentary about the hostile attitudes towards the Jewish community found on certain parts of the American political left along with the British Labour Party, there was a useful piece of research on the same topic from a pro-Israel advocacy group in Spain that is worth taking note of.

In a report issued last week, ACOM, a pro-Israel advocacy group based in Madrid, laid bare the anatomy of a very ugly conspiracy theory that has been spreading in the media and in online exchanges—one that contains all the usual tropes about sinister, unaccountable Jewish power, and yet one that has become a rallying cry for a significant element of the Spanish left.

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