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A Letter To Palestinian Supporters Tempted To Co-Opt Native American Struggles, by Ryan Belleros (Israellycool via Elder of Ziyon)

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Oct. 1, 2015

Dear Pallywood asshats,
I think perhaps you people do not understand the depth of my disdain for those who piggyback off my peoples’ sorrows and misfortunes in order to gain credibility.
I am angry because I am more than a little fed up with people like Steven Salaita who write articles and “books” comparing Arabs to Indians in order to demonize Jews. I am even more tired that nobody seems to want to stand up to this guy or his friends. They don’t think its that big a deal. Maybe because he is just lying to Indians, and everyone knows, that’s not exactly new. I have been speaking up against him for a couple years now and what also annoys me are the dumbass Indians who actually think that clown is right and don’t even look at the actual history before speaking up. I can understand why he does what he does – his own struggle has no truth and needs the truth of my peoples to gain credibility, but why are some of our own are helping? I cannot understand.
First off, the Arabs are nothing like us. They are descended from colonizers and imperialists who conquered the entire Middle East, much of Africa and Europe and were not gentle with indigenous people.They force converted people, stole language and culture and basically were every bit as bad if not worse than white people in North America. So don’t ever compare my people to them and expect some of us not to speak up. Just because you read some piece of c**p book by Edward Said or Steven Salaita that is more fiction than truth, doesn’t make you an expert. In fact you will probably say something stupid if that’s what you base your opinions on. They are the very definition of Imperialists; just because they aren’t pale skinned doesn’t make them any better.

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