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UK: Jihadist who murdered soldier on London street tries to gouge doctor’s eye out with a pen

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UK: Jihadist who murdered soldier on London street tries to gouge doctor’s eye out with a pen

, jihadwatch.org,  Feb 3, 2014

Click here for photo of Jihadist

This jihadist’s name is not Michael Adebowale. It is Ismail ibn Abdullah. That is the name he uses since he converted to Islam. Why does the mainstream media persist in calling him by his slave name? The mainstream media would find it racist and disrespectful to call Muhammad Ali “Cassius Clay,” right? Why isn’t it racist and disrespectful to continue to call Ismail ibn Abdullah “Michael Adebowale”? Is it because Muhammad Ali is a revered, beloved figure, while Ismail ibn Abdullah reflects poorly upon his adopted religion, having murdered in its “defense”?

This story also says that Ismail ibn Abdullah “flipped during a hospital visit.” He “flipped”? The man is a jihad killer. He saw his chance to wound, perhaps mortally, another Infidel in the service of the Satanic British government, thereby pleasing Allah even more than he already has. And look: the Qur’an says “when you meet the unbelievers, strike at their necks” (47:4). But Ismail ibn Abdullah instead struck only at this unbeliever’s eye: clearly he is a moderate.

“Lee Rigby killer tried to gouge doctor’s eye out with a pen,” by Dominik Lemanski for the Daily Star, February 2 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

WOOLWICH killer Michael Adebowale tried to gouge out a doctor’s eye with his own pen.

The 22-year-old, who butchered Fusilier Lee Rigby, flipped during a hospital visit.

He lunged at a consultant at the Royal London Hospital after being asked to sign a patient consent form.

The doctor handed him his own silver pen despite being warned Adebowale…could use it as a weapon.

The killer had been taken to be treated for an infection to his leg.

The male doctor’s eyesight was only saved by the prompt action of prison officers.

Two guards, who were handcuffed to the killer by short chains, yanked Adebowale’s arm away with just inches to spare.

Armed police, who were outside the room, rushed in and one pulled a Taser gun and threatened to shoot.

The prison officers, fearing they would be hit by the 50,000-volt weapon, persuaded them to hold fire.

Adebowale was finally restrained by his prison guards and a dozen police officers.

A source revealed: “The doctor came within a whisker of losing an eye. He had been told not to give Adebowale a pen because it was feared he would use it as a weapon.

“However, he ignored the advice and insisted he needed patient consent before any medical intervention.

“Adebowale only had about four inches of movement due to being restrained by the chains. But as soon as he got the pen he launched himself at the doctor like a madman.

“Fortunately, a prison officer yanked his hand back and then all hell let loose.

“Officers armed with machine guns and Tasers stormed the room and everybody feared the worst.”

The incident happened at the hospital in Whitechapel, east London, after Adebowale developed an infection and high temperature due to his injuries.

He had been shot by armed police after Drummer Rigby was hacked to death on May 22 last year in Woolwich.

Accomplice Michael Adebolajo, now 29, was also shot and injured.

Adebowale is being assessed by psychiatrists prior to his sentencing.

The two killers are expected to be sentenced in the next few weeks after an appeal court decision.

Five judges are due to consider a number of cases involving whole-life jail terms. After the decision, the Woolwich killers will be sentenced.

The judge will take into consideration the psychiatric reports, including a number of psychotic episodes suffered by Adebowale.

They will also look at Adebowale’s pen attack.

Psychiatrists are said to recommend he be moved to Broadmoor Hospital. Last week Adebolajo lodged an appeal against his conviction.

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