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2 myths about the Balfour Declaration, by Martin Kramer on Facebook, via Daily Alert

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Oct. 30, 2017

Myth: The U.S. Was Not Part of the Balfour Declaration – Martin Kramer
Lots of people assume that the Balfour Declaration was a British thing, no business of America’s. Truth: President Wilson approved the text in advance, and praised it in a public letter afterwards. In 1922, both Houses of the U.S. Congress passed a resolution endorsing it (Lodge-Fish), and President Harding signed it. So yes, the U.S. fully backed the Balfour Declaration. The writer was the founding president of Shalem College in Jerusalem, where he teaches the modern history of the Middle East. (Facebook)

    See also Myth: The Balfour Declaration Dispossessed the Palestinians – Martin Kramer
Truth: the Balfour Declaration was so vague that it could have led anywhere, and 31 years elapsed before the 1948 war. In that time, Palestinians made fateful errors, and most crucially, rejected the UN partition plan of 1947 that would have given them a state. Their Balfour myth is conveniently self-absolving. (Facebook)

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