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2 articles on Israel-Turkey Deal, summarized by Daily Alert, with links

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Jun. 29, 2016

In Israel-Turkey Deal, No Winners and Losers – Zalman Shoval (Israel Hayom)

  • Obviously, there were concessions from both Israel and Turkey ahead of signing the deal, but we should remember the Kissinger principle on diplomacy: Negotiations must not result in one side achieving its goals and the other being forced to concede most of its interests. In other words, negotiations must not paint a picture of winners and losers.
  • An objective test would prove that Israel’s achievements are greater than Turkey’s as the latter got off the high horse on which it rode during the early stages of negotiations. The Gaza blockade, a necessity for Israeli security, will not be lifted.
  • Israeli diplomacy made use of political developments that are not related to us, but that work in our favor: Turkey’s growing isolation – from the Arab and Muslim world, from Europe, the U.S., and Russia.
  • Turkey knows very well that the nuclear deal will quickly end Iran’s political and economic isolation and that its hegemonic trends in the Middle East endanger not just the Sunni Arab world, but also Turkey itself. Israel’s and Turkey’s shared interests on this issue are clear to both countries.
  • Turkey is not likely to become Israel’s best friend now, at least not as long as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in power, but there is no doubt that the geopolitical balance has shifted in Israel’s favor.

    The writer is a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S.

    See also Erdogan Failed to Lift the Gaza Blockade – Jack Khoury
    The Israel-Turkey dispute over Israel’s blockade of Gaza ended in a compromise that could have been reached from day one had Erdogan not kept insisting that the blockade be lifted completely. The man who in recent years was seen as the Islamic world’s strongest leader is now losing his power and influence, and was therefore compelled to drop his demand in exchange for permission to build a few projects in the Strip. But Hamas can’t publicly criticize Erdogan, the only major ally it has left in the region. (Ha’aretz)

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