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10 Things to Know About the Latest Wave of Palestinian Terror by Yishai Fleisher (Algemeiner)

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Oct. 26, 2015

8. Don’t mess with Allah‎.

Jihad is religious. It understands the language of God better than Western talk of ‎compromise, negotiations, and peace processes. This is what I tell would-be jihadis in the ‎streets of Jerusalem: “In 1948, we were 600,000 Jews in this land. Now we are 6 ‎million. You have fought many wars against us, but you have never won. Have you ever ‎wondered why? Are we more numerous than you? Are we richer than you? No. It is because ‎Allah wills it and He has blessed us to build up this country. Even the Quran talks about the ‎Jewish people coming home — yet you refuse to submit to Allah’s will. In the meantime, your ‎countries have fallen apart. Where is Syria? Where is Iraq? Where is the strong Egypt of the ‎past? Gone. Do you know why? Because jihad is destroying you, not us. If you keep ‎fighting with us, it will be your own Islamic State that will destroy you, all because you did not accept ‎and submit to Allah’s will.” I have used this argument many times and seen the initial shock and ‎subsequent expressions of acceptance on their faces. In short, blame it on Allah.‎

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