Will Palestinians in Gaza Revolt Against Hamas? – Khaled Abu Toameh (Gatestone Inst. via Daily Alert)

Aug. 14, 2019

  • Will Palestinians in Gaza Revolt Against Hamas? – Khaled Abu Toameh
    The leaders of Hamas recently ordered their security forces to detain several Palestinian activists for allegedly planning another wave of protests similar to those that swept Gaza in March. Those demonstrations were organized to protest the longstanding economic crisis.
    Abu Safiyeh, of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Gaza, wrote on Facebook: “Fifteen years ago, Hamas raised the slogan of ‘Islam is the solution’ – the solution to liberate all Palestine and not give up an inch; the solution to eliminate cronyism and corruption; the solution to bring economic and social security; the solution to a happy and enjoyable life….Now, there is rampant corruption. The corruption is in all institutions, including the judiciary and the police. Today, the corruption is organized and managed by Hamas.”
    “There are no businessmen left: they have either been arrested for unpaid debts or have fled Gaza or are standing in line to receive relief aid. As for Hamas officials and their affiliates, they have become owners of real estate, agencies and companies.”
    Unless Hamas’ violent repression of its own people sparks some concern among the international community, the prospects of Palestinians revolting against their Hamas leaders are slim. But this would require a shift in perspective: from obsession with the faults of Israel – real or imagined – to an interest in the real and deadly world of Hamas. (Gatestone Institute)

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