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Why the Jews Are the Canary in the Coal Mine by J. P. Golbert (Gatestone Inst.)

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July 15, 2015

  • Even in the matter of “slavery,” the Torah works toward the natural and ideal condition of each and every individual person, which is freedom. In the Torah system, if a master strikes his slave and wounds him, the slave goes free. If a master has enough food for only one, he is obligated to give it to the slave. If he has only one blanket, the slave sleeps under it, not the master. This is precisely why the Western ruling classes have always persecuted the Jews and taught ordinary gentiles to hate them, lest ordinary people learn from the Jews that they have a right to live in freedom and equality. The notion of man being “endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights” comes from Jewish Scripture, certainly not from Greek or Roman political philosophy.
  • As long as Jews are around — militating passionately for the ideals of freedom, equality and sanctity of human life — tyrants will never be safe. In their view, both the Jews and their seditious Bible have to be done away with utterly. For tyrants, Islam is the perfect solution, whereas Christianity claims to be fulfillment of what is set forth in the Hebrew Bible, and therefore must proclaim its validity. To Islam, the Hebrew Bible is made by man and not by Allah; it has no validity and therefore there is nothing to confront. Islam is the perfect religion for making the world safe for tyranny.
  • Ask a “progressive” what it is that they would have us “progress” toward. The response will usually be a blank stare. Is it any wonder that “progressive” Western leaders and establishment journalists consistently cave in to Islamic demands to curtail freedom and have given Islam a special status among religions? They protect it against criticism, vilify its detractors and continually serve as public relations flacks for Islam: they keep explaining that the burgeoning global jihad and its expanding horrors “have nothing to do with Islam.” One could contend, with far greater justification, that the Inquisition had nothing to do with Christianity. One could claim that the Inquisition was actually anti-Christian, perpetrated by people who twisted the doctrines of Christianity. No one says such an inane and ridiculous thing, except in defense of Islam.
  • When tyrants target the Jews, the real target is everyone’s freedom.
  • These schools of thought, dubbed by their followers “progressive,” and by ostensibly embracing the Enlightenment, only seem to have succeeded in uprooting Western Civilization from the Biblical source of equality and freedom, as seen by increasing attempts to suppress free speech on campus, in the media and, especially in Europe, by legal prosecution.

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