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What the New York Times Isn’t Telling You about Israel’s Gaza “Blockade” – Ira Stoll (Algemeiner)

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Apr. 11, 2018

What the New York Times Isn’t Telling You about Israel’s Gaza “Blockade” – Ira Stoll (Algemeiner)

Nearly every New York Times dispatch about the recent violent pre-planned riots in Gaza has used the word “blockade” to describe Israel’s treatment of the territory.

Some Times accounts mention Egypt’s participation in the “blockade,” while others omit it.
Webster’s dictionary defines a blockade as an “action designed to isolate an enemy and cut off communication and commerce with him.”

Yet in one week in March 2018, 2,728 trucks entered Gaza from Israel carrying 74,202 tons of supplies. In addition, Israel supplies electricity to Gaza via ten power lines. And Israel supplies water to Gaza via two pipelines. Some “blockade.”

Accusing Israel of a “blockade” of Gaza is inaccurate. It gives Times readers a false impression of what is actually happening, uncritically echoing Palestinian propaganda.

Blame for the situation in Gaza lies with Hamas, not with Israel or some “blockade” imagined by Times journalists.
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