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Trying to scare Israel By CAROLINE B. GLICK

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Column One: Trying to scare Israel

By CAROLINE B. GLICK, jpost.com, 01/30/2014

As we learned from Oslo and Gaza, nothing good comes from surrendering our rights and our land.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid delivered a scary speech on Wednesday. At the Institute of National Security Studies conference, Lapid warned that if we don’t accept US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework for negotiations, the Europeans are going to take away our money.

Lapid claimed that Israel’s economic future is dependent on surrendering Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the PLO. If we don’t, he said, the EU will abrogate its economic association agreement with us. And such a move on Europe’s part will cause serious harm to our economy.

According to Lapid, “If negotiations with the Palestinians stall or blow up and we enter the reality of a European boycott, even a very partial one, the Israeli economy will retreat, the cost of living will rise, budgets for education, health, welfare and security will be cut [and] many international markets will be closed to us.”

On the other hand, if we give up Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, Lapid promises that we will all get rich.

The EU delegation to Israel flatly denied that the EU is considering abrogating the association agreement.It took less than 10 minutes for Lapid’s remarks to be exposed as utter nonsense.

“There has been absolutely no consideration in the EU of the abrogation of the association agreement. It is not in the cards,” a statement by the delegation said…

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