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The Truth About Israeli “Settlements” By Frieda.R.F. Horwitz (Israpundit)

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Oct. 26, 2017

Security Council Resolution 2334 has singled out Israeli communities built post 1967 in the disputed territories as “the settlement enterprise”, and referred to it as the central obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Not the disintegration of Tunisia and Libya nor the turmoil in Egypt and Iraq, nor continual murderous incitement of the Palestinian Authority, not the violent organized anti-Israel bias of the European Left or even the jihad/genocide activity of the Islamic State forces

No, the violence and lack of peace in the Middle East is solely due to the
desire of Jewish Israelis to return to their historic homeland in the disputed territories. Evidently international amnesia has occurred so lands acquired by Israel in 1967 and referred to as “disputed territories” in UN Resolution 242 are now termed “occupied” in UN Resolution 2334. Under international law, the disputed territories that were under Jordanian jurisdiction from 1948 until 1967, and were never sovereign territory of any state since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, cannot therefore be considered “occupied”. Those lands were never part of any sovereign state post 1918; Jordan did not annex those lands post 1948, nor was citizenship granted to Arabs who fled there after the
fighting in the 1948 War.

Simply put, there is no other disputed territory in the world that has never known independent sovereignty that is known internationally as
“occupied*” – except land currently under the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

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