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The New York Times ‘Editor’s Note’ on Jaffa Is Nonsense, by Ira Stoll (Algemeiner)

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Mar. 20, 2019

The corrections columns of both the Saturday and Sunday print New York Times carried an unusual “editor’s note” about the history of Jaffa.

It said,

An article in Travel this weekend describes several new hotels and other high-end developments in Jaffa, the ancient port adjacent to Tel Aviv. In focusing exclusively on those new additions, the article fails to touch on important aspects of Jaffa’s makeup and its history — in particular, the history and continuing presence of its Arab population and the expulsion of many residents in 1948. Because of this lapse, the article also did not acknowledge the continuing controversy about new development and its effect on Jaffa. After readers pointed out the problem, editors added some of that background information to the online version, which is available at nytimes.com/travel.

It was unusual, because not every brief Times travel piece about new hotels needs to revisit 70-year-old history or politics about the place the hotels are opening. My view of it was that the original Times article was perfectly adequate as it was, and that the “fail” or “lapse” the Times describes wasn’t a “fail” or “lapse” at all.

But given that the Times took the trouble to publish an editor’s note and add “background information to the online version,” you’d hope that the newspaper would at least take the trouble to get that background information correct.

Instead the newspaper added this:

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