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The Latest Palestinian Lie – “We are All Mary”, by Mordechai Kedar (INN via Breaking Israel News)

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Feb. 13, 2019

…”The significance of all this is clear: The Palestinians have joined forces with the Turks to appropriate the symbol of Mary, mother of Jesus, in order to cast themselves as victims of Israeli oppression in the same way Mary suffered from the Roman conquerors and those Jews who collaborated with them. The Muslims have taken possession of a Christian symbol, Mary, so as to use her role in history as part of their battle against the Jews.

This is nothing new  After all, in his speeches Arafat would often talk about liberating “Jerusalem’s mosques and churches” from Jewish “occupation”, turning the Palestinians, all other Arabs and all Muslims into protectors of Christianity.  The fact is, however, that quite the opposite it true, as a brief look at recent history shows. For example, while Bethlehem was under Israeli rule, it was a city with a large Christian majority – about 85% of its residents were Christian. Nearby Beit Jala was 100% Christian. Under PA rule over Bethlehem and Beit Jala, beginning in 1994, thousands of Christian residents were forced to flee their homes and move overseas after Muslims, mainly the Bedouin of Beit Sachur, threatened them, attacking them, their wives, daughters and churches. And after all this, the mostly Muslim Palestinian Arabs are now attempting to adopt Mary as if they are interested in protecting Christianity.”….

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