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The Islamic State’s Rules for Its Christian Subjects – Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah (JCPA via Daily Alert)

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Sept. 18, 2015

  • The Islamic State’s Rules for Its Christian Subjects – Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah
    The Islamic State has formulated a “covenant” in which it defines the rights and duties of the non-Muslim population, mainly of Christian faith, living in its boundaries. In return for their right to live safely under Islamic state rule, the Christians commit not to build or renovate their town’s churches or convents. Prayers must be conducted in such a way that Muslims will not hear them nor shall they hear sounds of bells from their churches. Christians should refrain from appearing in public with artifacts of worship. Christians are due to revere Islam and Muslims. Every adult Christian is to pay, in two installments yearly, thejizya (Arabic per-capita tax) in the amount of four dinars of gold.
    According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, the Islamic State received the full amount of the jizya from the Christian community remaining in Alkaryatayn 24 hours after it stormed the town and after presenting to the Christians one of three choices: Pay the jizya, convert to Islam, or leave town. Most Christians left town. In August 2015, the Islamic State destroyed the Mar Elyan Monastery in Alkaryatayn, one of the oldest Christian historical shrines in the Middle East. The writer, a special analyst at the Jerusalem Center, was formerly Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Deputy Head for Assessment of Israeli Military Intelligence. (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

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