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Summaries of 2 articles re: David Friedman’s interest in increased business ties between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs (by Daily Alert)

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Feb. 22, 2019

U.S. Ambassador David Friedman: In the Bible, Isaac and Ishmael Reconciled Their Differences – Tovah Lazaroff
U.S. Ambassador David Friedman told the Israeli-Palestinian International Economic Forum in Jerusalem on Thursday: “There is far more that unites us than divides us, “adding that in the Bible, Isaac and Ishmael reconciled their differences.” (See eg: https://coatofmanycolors.net/2013/07/04/my-favorite-moment-in-genesis-isaac-and-ishmael-at-peace/…Ed.) Obviously, we should do no less.”
“To hold the Palestinians hostage to a political solution, when humanitarian and business efforts are right in front of us, is a grave mistake and a grave disservice to the Palestinian people.”
“We all recall the Oslo Accords of 1993. There was an increase in terrorism four-fold. Why? Because pieces of paper do not make peace. Relationships make peace. Investments make peace. That is the kind of peace that is enduring. The Palestinian people deserve better. Enough of the endless political bickering that has brought nothing but misery. Let us work together for all our people. Let us make real peace with each other.”
Palestinian businessman Ashraf Jabari of Hebron said, “The average American has no idea that Palestinians work with Israelis and that countless Palestinians want to work with Israelis.” Palestinians are fearful to express this in public, he added. (Jerusalem Post)


U.S. Envoy Urges Tighter Business Ties in West Bank between Israelis and Palestinians – Rami Ayyub
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on Thursday urged deeper business ties between Israelis living in the West Bank and Palestinian businessmen. “There are many, many Palestinians that would like to be freed up to engage in business ventures with Israelis, and they’re entitled to that opportunity,” he told a forum to encourage such business links. Thousands of Palestinians work in Israeli communities and industrial parks in the West Bank, often in manufacturing or construction jobs which offer higher wages than similar jobs in Palestinian cities.
Haldun al-Husseini, a Palestinian garment manufacturer from Jerusalem, says business with Israelis is key to improving the Palestinian economy. “Most of my business comes from Israelis,” he said. “If we don’t work together, we will not improve Palestinian lives.”  (Reuters)

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