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Petition: Keep Iran on Canada’s list of State Supporters of Terrorism

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Please Sign to Keep Iran on the Canadian State Supporter of Terrorism List

Click here to link to the e-petition.   After you sign, be sure to “confirm”.

  1. Why are Canadian Terror Victims Concerned?

In 2012, after an 8-year campaign by Canadian terror victims, Iran was listed by Canada as a “State Supporter of Terrorism.” As a result of the listing terror victims are now suing Iran in Canadian courts for murdering and injuring their loved ones. Millions of dollars of Iranian assets are frozen. Iran is fighting back and wants to be removed from the list. Terror victims are deeply concerned about Iranian pressure on Canada to remove Iran from the list. Therefore, terror victims want a commitment in the clearest of terms that Canada will NOT remove Iran from the list as long as the regime continues to support terror. Victims have therefore launched a parliamentary e-petition to help ensure Iran remains listed.

  1.    How does the e-petitionwork?

The petition is hosted by parliament and is open for signatories until July 30, 2016. Any Canadian citizen or resident can sign, you do not need to be 18. The signatories are vetted by parliament and the e-petition will be presented to parliament by the sponsoring MP, Tony Clement. The names of signatories are not made public. The e-petition was initiated by Maureen Basnicki, her husband, Ken, died on the 106th floor of the North Tower on 9/11.

  1. What is the current status of the e-petition?

The e-petition has more than 10,000 signatures from every province in Canada. It closes on July 30, 2016. The goal is to show parliamentarians that this matters to a huge number of Canadians across the country. Every signature counts.

  1.  Why should you support this effort?

This e-petition demonstrates for the first time to friends, foes and the undecided, that there is a significant constituency of Canadians across the country for whom the issues of terrorism and Iran are of great significance. UJA Federation invites C-Cat to promote this e-petition at events like the Walk for Israel in Toronto. We are asking that other community organizations help in this effort.

We need your help too. Please sign to keep Iran on the Canadian State Supporter of Terrorism list

Click here to link to the e-petition.        After you sign, be sure to “confirm”.

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