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Pakistani Diplomats Threaten Journalists … in Canada! by Tahir Gora (Clarion Project)

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Aug. 20, 2018

Pakistani diplomats and Canadian MPs of Pakistani origin are threatening journalists they deem objectionable in Canada.  They are also wielding their influence over Canadian politics on all levels.

Recently, the Pakistan High Commission Office in Ottawa attacked MP Maxime Bernier over his tweet:

“Canada under extreme Liberal multiculturalism: While a statue of our country’s founder is being removed in one city, a park was recently named after Pakistan’s founder in another, in the presence of M103 Liberal MP sponsor. Pakistan independence from India led to 1M deaths.”

In response, Pakistan High Commission Office circulated an email criticizing Bernier for “targeting diversity, multiculturalism & [MP] Iqra Khalid.”

Senator Salma Ataullahjan also joined in the criticism of Bernier, “As a caucus colleague and a proud Pakistani-Canadian parliamentarian, I’m incredibly disappointed with this tweet. This kind of rhetoric creates division. Is that your aim? If so, what is your end game with this sort of identity politics?”

Ataullahjan’s tweet not only served to defend the Pakistan High Commission’s point of view, it also revealed her own place in identity politics.

When I saw her recently, she expressed her virulent anger at me about my tweet in which I criticized her (along with all the Canadian parliamentarians of Pakistani origin) for not criticizing Pakistan for siding with Saudi Arabia over Canada in the recent Saudi-Canada row regarding human rights.

“I am Canadian and I stand by Canada,” she told me.

“But madam, it’s not enough,” I countered. “As a Canadian senator you must denounce Pakistan and Saudi Arabia both, but unfortunately you are celebrating Pakistan day with Pakistani diplomats.”

MP Iqra Khalid threatened and harassed me and the TAG TV reporter on several occasions.

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