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No One Protests Civilian Casualties in Mosul – Ben-Dror Yemini (Ynetnews via Daily Alert), and summary of 2nd related article from NYT

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Mar. 28, 2017

  • No One Protests Civilian Casualties in Mosul – Ben-Dror Yemini
    Hundreds of women and children were killed in west Mosul last week when the Americans bombed the area as part of their operations against the Islamic State. There were no claims of “war crimes” or of a “disproportional response.” Such hostile sentiments are reserved only for Israel.
    From a comparative perspective, the number of civilian deaths caused by Israel in the 2014 Gaza war was much lower, even though Hamas spokespeople repeatedly boasted that they use civilians as a human shield.
    Israel is not treated like the rest of the Western states. As soon as the first reports about civilian casualties emerge, international pressure begins, including demonstrations, protests and condemnation articles. Forgiveness in such situations are reserved for every other army, but not for Israel. (Ynet News)
  • See also The Cost of the U.S.-ISIS Battle – Tim Arango
    Dozens of Iraqi civilians were buried under the rubble of their homes in western Mosul after American-led airstrikes flattened almost an entire city block last week. Iraqi officials said the final death toll could reach 200 or more, making it one of the worst civilian tolls ever in an American military strike in Iraq. (New York Times)
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