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“Israel Has Many New Friends in the World (summaries of 2 articles from Daily Alert)

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Sept. 18, 2015

Foreign Ministry: “Israel Has Many New Friends in the World” – Herb Keinon
Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold told the Jerusalem Post: “A mistaken impression exists that Israel is facing a new level of diplomatic isolation, but when you sit in the office of the director-general of the Foreign Ministry, you quickly understand that is simply not true.” Israel’s relations in Asia are opening up, with growing ties with India, China, Japan and Vietnam. Moreover, “the Arab world is interested in talking to Israel,” Gold says. “Israel has many new friends in the world.”
    He also notes that Europeans, who are facing a massive influx of migrants, “are beginning to think much more seriously about their need to have defensible borders for Europe.”  (Jerusalem Post)

A Look at Zambia-Israel Ties (Times of Zambia)
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba re-opened Zambia’s embassy in Israel early this month, the third African country to open an embassy in Israel after South Sudan and Rwanda.
Kalaba said Zambia expects “cooperation and the strengthening of ties” over a wide range of fields, including economic, security, agriculture, and tourism.
Many Jews came to Zambia from the Baltic states of the Russian Empire, now Lithuania and Latvia, in large numbers from the 1880s onwards as economic migrants, and refugees fleeing religious and political persecution.
The first synagogue in Zambia (then called Northern Rhodesia) was established in Livingstone in 1910 and the foundation stone of the synagogue, now the Church of Christ, was laid in 1928.
Livingstone’s Jewish population was reinforced in the late 1930s by a new influx of German Jewish refugees from Nazism and there was an even larger influx of Polish, and mainly Christian, refugees during the Second World War.
The Zambian Jewish community, at its height, numbered about 1,200 in an overall white population of 80,000.
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