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I Am Proud of Britain’s Part in Creating Israel – British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (Telegraph-UK via Daily Alert) & summary of 2nd article about support for Israel in Britain

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Oct. 30, 2017

I Am Proud of Britain’s Part in Creating Israel – British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (Telegraph-UK)

  • On November 2, 1917, my predecessor Lord Balfour sat in the Foreign Secretary’s office and composed a letter that laid the foundations of the State of Israel.
  • On the Centenary, I will say what I believe: the Balfour Declaration was indispensable to the creation of a great nation. In the seven decades since its birth, Israel has prevailed over what has sometimes been the bitter hostility of neighbors to become a liberal democracy and a dynamic hi-tech economy.
  • In a region where many have endured authoritarianism and misrule, Israel has always stood out as a free society. Like every country, Israel has faults and failings. But it strives to live by the values in which I believe.
  • I served a stint at a kibbutz in my youth, and I saw enough to understand the miracle of Israel: the bonds of hard work, self-reliance, and an audacious and relentless energy that hold together a remarkable country.
  • Most of all, there is the incontestable moral goal: to provide a persecuted people with a safe and secure homeland. So I am proud of Britain’s part in creating Israel and Her Majesty’s Government will mark the Centenary of the Balfour Declaration on Thursday in that spirit.
  • I am also heartened that the new generation of Arab leaders does not see Israel in the same light as their predecessors. I trust that more will be done against the twin scourges of terrorism and anti-Semitic incitement.
  • In the final analysis, it is Israelis and Palestinians who must negotiate the details and write their own chapter in history. A century on, Britain will give whatever support we can in order to close the ring and complete the unfinished business of the Balfour Declaration.

UK Poll: Only 11 Percent of British Public Support Boycott of Israel(BICOM-UK)
Only 11% of the British public support a boycott of Israel, according to a poll of British adults conducted in October 2017.
49% consider Israel to be the most important British ally in the Middle East in the fight against terrorism, while 18% disagree.
46% believe that “hating Israel and questioning its right to exist” is anti-Semitic, while 17% disagree.

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