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Free speech for some (on the Temple Mount)…letter to the editor, Nat. Post

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Aug. 15, 2015

Israel Gets It Right, letter to the editor, Aug. 14. Islamists have an annoying habit of responding violently to anything they do not like or perceive as blasphemous. They fly airplanes into buildings, set off bombs, storm embassies and murder civilians. Since 9/11 especially, we shy away from saying anything that might offend them, but from an historical or human rights perspective, there are many reasons to be critical of Muhammad and certain aspects of Islam, such as Shariah law. But no one — not the FBI, the CIA, governments, the United Nations, churches — will say a word.

The issue is not that the Israeli woman said “Muhammad is a pig.” It is that she has lost the right to say it and Muslims will become violent if she does. The irony is that she said it because of Islamic violence.

Islamists call Jews descendants of pigs. They scream for the death of Israel and Jews everywhere. They call America the Great Satan and burn American flags. If we responded violently, would they stop? Face it, terrorism works and we let it. In fact, we will give up our rights and freedoms to prove that point while the terrorists laugh at us.

Steven Scheffer, Burlington, Ont.

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