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Enrique Iglesias performing concert in country that officially oppresses Palestinians (Elder of Ziyon)

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Jun. 1, 2016

Last year Enrique Iglesias performed in Israel, despite the strenuous efforts by so-called “pro-Palestinian activists” to stop him.

But he just announced that he will be performing in Amman, Jordan in August, and no one is saying a word.

Even though Jordan has been blocking most Gazans from entering its territory since last year.

Even though Jordan refuses to allow Palestinians who entered the country from Gaza in 1967 from becoming citizens, keeping them in “refugee camps.” This 2012 article describes how they are treated:

Like visible ghosts, after five decades of living and giving birth in Jordan, their families are not recognized. They cannot work, receive government benefits, have full access to education, own a car, nor travel freely. Unemployment tops at 50 percent, school dropout rates are high and life expectancy is much lower than regional averages.

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