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Egypt’s Sisi: The Enemy Is Political Islam – Egyptian President Sisi interviewed by Lally Weymouth (Daily Alert summary of Washington Post article, with link)

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Egypt’s Sisi: The Enemy Is Political Islam – Egyptian President Sisi interviewed by Lally Weymouth
(Daily Alert, Mar. 13, 2015)

Sisi: “The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of extreme ideology. They are the godfather of all terrorist organizations. They spread it all over the world….All extremists derive from one pool. This extreme mind-set is nurtured by religious rhetoric that needs to be reformed.”
Q: Do you see any hope for the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in politics again?
Sisi: “They turned [Egyptians’] lives into a living hell….Do you think a country like Egypt will become like the Taliban and destroy the pyramids? [The Brotherhood] would have gone to the pharaonic temples to try to take them down….Westerners believe that political Islam did not have a chance to be part of the political process, so [Islamists] resorted to violence. This eventually led to terrorism. This is not true. Their ideology requires them to get power but never give up power.”
“They consider that being on top is a means to apply their own mind-set, to establish a greater Islamic state. They think that they have the absolute truth, so everybody must listen and obey. If anybody disagrees, then they should die.”  (Washington Post)

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