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Daniel Pipes on “Civilizationist Trends in Europe”

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Nov. 17, 2018

The following text excerpts a panel on Nov. 17, 2018, at the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Palm Beach, Florida. The panel included Bill Gertz and Anne Marie Waters and was moderated by John Gilmore. For the complete, raw transcript, see the FrontPageMag.com version posted on Dec. 6, 2018. Transcription errors have been corrected and the idiosyncrasies of oral remarks edited for clarity.

I shall make four points about Europe’s civilizationalist parties.

First, they are many and they’re coming on strong. Some of them are well known like the National Rally in France, the League in Italy, the Freedom Party in Austria, the PVV in the Netherlands, and the Sweden Democrats; others are less known. All are in revolt against the elites, or what I call the six Ps: police, politicians, press, priests, professors and prosecutors.

Civilizationists are already in government in a small way in three countries: Norway, Switzerland, and Slovakia. They have major roles and are the driving force in five countries; Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Austria and Italy. I expect they will be powerful in more countries to come, such as France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Germany is of particular interest.

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