Canadian Freedom Alliance calls on Speaker of the Ontario Parliament Dave Levac to stop hate-filled Al Quds Day Rally

By Doris Epstein

Toronto, ON—The Canadian Freedom Alliance, a Canada-wide coalition supporting democracy and freedom in Canada and around the world, calls upon MPP Dave Levac, Speaker of the Ontario Parliament to disallow the bigoted and hateful upcoming Al Quds Day rally.

Al Quds Day was founded by the Islamist dictator of Iran: Ayatollah Khomeini. Al Quds protestors call for the destruction of Israel in order to replace it with an extremist Islamic State. This is manifest at every Al Quds rally which prominently displays of pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini, as well as the flag of Hezbollah (an organization which Canada officially classifies as terrorist).

The organizer of Al Quds Day in Toronto is Palestine House. Palestine House, has been charged with four assaults against Jews and Christians during a demonstration that took place in Mississauga on July 3rd. Last year, one of their prominent speakers at the Al Quds Day rally, Elias Hazineh, called for all Israelis to be killed. In fact, Palestine House so openly uses hate speech and anti –Semitism in its actions and statements, and so clearly supports extremist organizations, that in 2012 the federal government discontinued its funding.

At a time when Jews and supporters of Israel are being violently assaulted in Calgary, Paris and numerous other cities around the world, such openly hateful and violent organizations should not be permitted the use of Government property.

Freedom of expression is not freedom to preach genocidal hatred. We must prevent Queen’s Park from being used as a platform to propagate hatred or for incitement to violence. Thus we call on MPP Dave Levac, Speaker of the Ontario Parliament to prevent Al Quds Day from taking place in our provincial capital.

Contact Ontario Legislative Assembly Speaker Dave Levac and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to ask that they not allow the Al Quds Day group to demonstrate:

·        Speaker Dave Levac; [email protected]  416 325 6261

·        Chief of Police Bill Blair; [email protected]  416 808 8000

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